A quiet place : the best horror film of 2018

When I searched for a nice horror movie that I didn’t know, I found, pretty quickly, A Quiet Place which is, for me, for now, the best horror movie of 2018 by far !

A Quiet Place : The best horror/Thriller movie of 2018 so far

Shush ! I think I heard an antelope.


So no, A Quiet Place, is not about a community of mute people that live in the woods. Well… Now that I think about it, it actually is. Kinda. What’s sure anyways, is that A Quiet Place is the third movie directed by John Krasinski, who you may have known for his role in The Office. To be frank, it was the first movie of Krasinski that I saw and, oh boy, even if I didn’t except anything, I was not disappointed.

John Krasinski becomes a new promising director

Come family, because tonight we feast !


As honesty is my motto, I wouldn’t dare to say that A Quiet Place is the best film of the decade or the best horror movie ever made, cause it probably is not. Actually, even if there’s real elements of horror, saying that this is a horror movie a bit reducing. The truth is that A Quiet Place is the typical nice movie, not extraordinary, but well done and, above else, a movie that the director, our dear John, cared about. A movie that he wanted to do right. And so it is. It’s a pleasant, well-directed, well told movie about a “classic” family in a shitty place, where (you probably guessed it) you need to be quiet.

I won’t say why they have to be careful about the noises cause I don’t want to spoil anything for this one. I’ll just say this : watch the intro. That what convinces me, after a few minutes, that I had a movie done right. The kind of movie that makes you think : “see ? That’s not so hard to make a good movie, isn’t it ?”.

Whutch it !

A Quiet Place








World Building





  • A good horror movie
  • Convincing actors
  • Nice ending
  • Not too long


  • A bit predictable
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